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2015 - 2019 by Acqua Eco-Assets & RealEstate

An Auras Investment Group Project

Acqua Eco-Assets is Corredora de Propiedades Quezada Rodriguez SPA

Legally adviced by DFS Abogados - Chile

ACQUA l Eco-Assets investment strategies

Collateralizing ecological value from real assets

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Bio-diversify your investment strategy

with sustainable collateral eco-markets


Storing  - unlocking - deploying ecological values from alternative investing

For more details about our green assets and collateral wealth creation business project please refer to our attached business strategy  - Stage 1

" An approach towards wealth creation from a collateral investment strategy  - It is time to think our asset base"

Collateral value from real experiences

Hedging ecological drivers for a brighter future

Portfolio building through collateralized eco-assets

Investment Strategies in Eco-Assets

Research & Development

Based on tangible value eco-drivers

Based on collateralized eco-drivers

Pricing Methodologies

Portfolio Management & Performance

IT developments for eco-asset transactions



7 Billions



12 Billions

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Explore one of our portfolios

at Chiloe Island

Chiloe is people, culture and heritage

but also is a growing area of the country experiencing lots of infrastructure projects and public services upgrades.


It provides a blending of great sights and wild nature as well as a magnificent opportunity to develop tourism and eco-friendly businesses


Sight viewings


Some of the most important infrastructure projects


Chacao Channel bridge is the next generation project and a breakthrough in connectivity between the Island and the Continent at an investment cost of nearly US$ 800 million. Likewise, Chiloe Master Plan with more than 10 projects in charge of improving the connectivity of the Island considers upgrading existing highways and development of new ones connecting major towns. Expanding the capacity of the new Airport is another project with a US$10 million in investment costs will certainly be another booster to the local economy. A new US$10 million Universidad de Los Lagos's Branch will be a major step into enhancing educational services in the Island thanks to the construction of a new academic building in Castro City. 

Eco-Business & Investing News

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Sawdust Might Be One Answer to the World’s Plastic Problem

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Sourced by Bloomberg