Our operations

Unlocking ecological values from environmental liabilities

Our operating strategy is firmly aligned to release collateral values from environmental liabilities. We are committed to deploy full potential of the environmental liabilities management with our expertise in material handling and treatment for value added materials. Unlocking value through our practices means that applying recycling procedures we avoid expending nearly 95% of the energy  used to create the materials disposed at garbage dumps. Our goal at this stage is creating the necessary conditions to generate momentum in our recycling alternatives for


metals,polymers,organics and leverage from that 95%


Our Swaping business unit is in charge of adding value through sawping of current assets for alernative commodities that can be part of the existing eco-assets inventory or be part of the incoming environemtal liabilities treatment and management.


Our logistics activities look for managing the value chain transportation requirements  derived from the eco-assets and environemental liabilities inventory. Our aim is to deploy excellence in logistics procedures from an enviromnetal stand point. 


Acqua Eco-Assets is commited to researching and developing recycling methodologies involved in the process of transforming environemtnal liabilities into ecological assets

Our Environmental Accounting Model and Innovation Driver


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